What is Wrong With My Steinway Piano? Regular Periodic Piano Maintenance is Key

According to the experts, to get the most out of your piano, you need to have it serviced about 2 times per year. According to The National Piano Foundation and the Piano Technicians Guild of America, regardless of where you live, your piano is in need of ongoing maintenance, year after year after year for the following reasons.

Your piano is constructed of 80 percent wood and the remaining materials of metal, cloths and woolen felts. These materials are assembled into a structure that bears substantial tension. Wood and felts are like sponges, susceptible to moisture and dryness and wear from use.

Any given piano can be as highly engineered as a bridge, house or even a car. A piano not serviced by a qualified technician on a regular basis is a piano due for trouble.

Next issue I will review the main components of piano maintenance.

– Tuning
– Regulation
– Humidity Control

Credit: http://pianotalkonline.com/articles/what_is_wrong_with_my_piano.htm