Steinway Factory Tour

Nothing enters the Steinway factory in Astoria, Queens, looking anything like a piano. The wood, for example, is just lumber, before it is shaped into the rim of the instrument. Assembling the pianos takes months, with a lot of waiting … Read

A Meeting of Titans – The Day Vladimir Horowitz and Sergei Rachmaninoff Arrived Together at Steinway Hall

This is the story of three musical legends and a moment in New York in January 1928, when they were forever joined in history. The participants included the two greatest pianists of an era: the towering Sergei Rachmaninoff, whose romantic … Read

When Two Makes Perfect

‘This is not a Beethoven B flat,” announced the renowned pianist Artur Schnabel. It was 1947, and he was in the basement of the Steinway building in New York, where concert pianists come to choose the instrument they’ll use in … Read