Steinway Model M

Considered by piano movers to be a “Baby Grand,” the Steinway M is just a few inches longer (and 1/4 inch wider) than the Steinway S, but the extra inches mean a bigger soundboard as well as longer base strings. These enlargements will make a difference according to the size of your piano or music room. Some pianists will insist that the size difference between the M and the S makes the M superior to the S while piano tech and repair professionals uphold the merits of each model by discussing how the slight differences in size were precisely designed for a perfect fit within their respective (ideal) piano playing and listening spaces.

Nevertheless, with the larger piano, certain subtleties begin to make a difference to the well trained musical ear. In a room with acoustics suited for the M, the quality of resolution in the base begins to take on more depth and aural profundity. In fact, the overall sound of the Model M’s entire range begins to sound somewhat more intense, more powerful.

As with all Steinway grand models, Steinway’s patented action allows for explicit articulation in playing. The action can be maintained and regulated by professionals to offer superb performance interaction abilities (e.g. the ease of playing pianissimo, rapid repetition, evenness of tone, the quality of tone color, etc.).